The need for a beautifully designed and functional website/product cannot be emphasized in this day and age. If users are going to have a good experience with a product, end to end, proper attention should be given to the website and other digital platforms.

This is the same with Chilli.Inc website, as we were approached by the client to have a total overhaul of what they had at the time.

Problem Statement

Africans in the diaspora have always found it difficult and rare to get African sauces and spices to use in their cooking and parties, especially in the United Kingdom. This has left a huge gap, as the regular dishes out there cannot satisfy and quench the chili taste of pepper and sauces they were used to in Africa.

Chili.Inc is a platform that specializes in providing African sauces and spices, as it is not commonplace in the United Kingdom Supermarket. The sauces connect people with the alluring aromas and spicy flavors of West Africa that make it convenient for not only Africans in the diaspora but even UK indigenes.

Project Vision

The vision of this product is to redesign the Chilli.Inc website, so it not only has a beautiful User Interface but also works and functions effectively end to end, thereby optimizing the experience of the user while engaging the product

Project Goals

After defining the broad vision of the project, we set out to identify goals we would like to cross our activities against while designing. This will help us identify units of problems we intend to solve, and at the same time help us achieve our vision in a healthy and wholesome manner.

Design Thinking Process